Published: 11 months ago

from @bakernotabanker - #pastryPRIDE week 4 CATEGORY IS: INTERSECTIONS . Queers aren't just Queer . Intersectional feminism is, in its simplest form, understanding that each of us experiences oppression differently and that our oppression is informed and transformed by our social location and identity. It is so powerfully important to recognize the interaction of these forces, and how colonialism, racism, and misogyny, are at the root of homophobia & transphobia, as well as ableism, sizeism, ageism, and other forms of oppression. . As queers seeking liberation, we must imagine a world where our freedom is not built on the backs of others. So often people of colour, disabled folks, incarcerated, poor, and fat people are used as a handy juxtaposition to say that we, ourselves, are good, better, and deserve liberation- not like *them*. But Audre Lorde's words ring in my ears here: "You can't bring down the master's house with the master's tools". And the master's tools have always been division, exclusion, and invalidation. . Mia Mingus speaks brilliantly on the topic of beauty, and our constant cultural drive to seek and reproduce it. How even as we imagine alternative schemas for our own liberation, we are drawn to lift and liberate using the same tools that oppress us. It is our ugliness, our messiness, and vulnerability that deepen our understanding and perhaps, if we are able, and if we are open, to connect us across the social divides. To allow us to lift each other up, and to rise up together. . Our complexity- not just our diversity- is the source of our strength. . 🌈☁️πŸ₯PINK SKYπŸ₯β˜οΈπŸŒˆ . Tart. Tangy and fresh! Filled with a curd bursting with strawberry, guava and lime, she takes a deep dive into some Italian meringue and comes up a hot mess. A swirl of strawberry pink weaves it's way through the cloud, dreaming sweet dreams of queer liberation- those pink skies a warning... Here she comes. . #cruffins #cruffin #crufflove #bakery #dtklove #dtkeats #kwawesome #breakfastofchampions #pastry #bakery #patisserie -
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