Posted 7 months ago
The Mac Hatter Today we tip our hat to Alice. At first sight you can see the Hatter's twist of dark chocolate and cinnamon-infused white chocolate namelakas. Propped upon this swirl of creamy chocolate delights, this Mad Hatter wears a macaron hat, perhaps slightly askew. But inside, now that's where things get interesting- creamy Horchata Pastry cream inside brings notes of rice, rich vanilla, and the complex flavours of true cinnamon. He must be a day ahead, and a world away, celebrating Cinco de Mayo without us. The Looking Glass We invite you to fall into the looking glass, where up is down, this is that, and certainly -most certainly- nothing is certain at all. ...It doesn't look like anything too out of the ordinary, perhaps, but it's ready to send you on quite the adventure. Full of play and whimsy, this Cruffin features a core of two juicy curds dancing to a silent song- a pineapple curd with hints of orange and passionfruit and a curd made with raspberries, tayberries, and hibiscus. A cloud of lime buttercream supports a red sun of raspberry jelly falling into the horizon, the confectionery sunset declares loudly “Good Morning”. #cruffin #croissant #instagood #instapastry #love #breakfastofchampions #dtkeats #dtklove #eastendeats #saturday #goals #blessedlife #aliceinwonderland #wonderland #cloudnine #chocolate #pastry #patisserie #bakery @goldenhearthbakery
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