Published: about 1 year ago

Reposted from @ashley_annu "Behold the beauty that is a mocha cruffin." --- Pie in the sky Okay, okay... So maybe it's not a pie, but this cruffin delivers. Filled with a fresh made jam from the first local rhubarb of the season, your first bite will be a bit of heaven. Bright and sassy with a pop of tartness and a silky smooth texture, this gorgeous pink jam will bring you back to summers past -- to your childhood garden, plucking raw rhubarb and dipping it in sugar before taking a bite -- to your mom's kitchen filled with the aromas of a freshly baked rhubarb crisp -- to above and beyond. This cruffin is topped off with sweet, airy clouds of torched meringue and a cluster of buttery oat strusel. Thanks to @legacygreens for the Rhubarb! Caffeination station Riding on rickety coffee rails, this cruffin features a dual core pastry cream filling - first stop is a coffee cream and up next is a dark mocha cream. The bitterness of the dark roasted coffee is mellowed from a cold steep in delicious local @ebymanorltd milk and balanced with fruity dark chocolate. Nestled deeply into a white chocolate and cardamom namelaka is a house-made biscotti chock-full of dark chocolate streaks and toasted pistachios. This is your ticket to a GOOD morning. #goodmorning #kweats #kwawesome #eastendeats #breakfastofchampions #croissant #cruffins #cruffin #crufflove #bakery #viennoiserie #coffeelover #rhubarb #local #inseason #pastryart #meringue #sweet #ontario #kitchenermarket #eatit #fromscratch Today @goldenhearthbakery
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