Posted 5 months ago
#latergram from @bakernotabanker - 🔻The Pink Triangle 🔻 . . Pride week 2 🏳️‍🌈 Category is: VISIBILITY . . Visibility is what PRIDE festivals and parades are all about! And while being visible has tremendous power as an empowering choice, it is not always up to us as queer people if/when/how we are made visible. Week 2's #pastryPRIDE Cruffin theme explores visibility as both violence and liberation. . . The pink triangle is a symbol of queer pride, resistance and resilience. It was used to mark queers ("homosexuals" - a category that included gay men, trans women, gender non-conforming people, and others) who were sent to concentration camps in the Holocaust. It has been used to mourn, and call the queer community to action in the AIDS crisis. It is a symbol of persecution and of our refusal- our refusal to let more queers die and be murdered, our refusal to be forgotten and erased, our refusal to let the cis-heteropatriarchy grind us into dust. It is a badge representing what we have endured, who we have lost, and how hard we must fight to continue. . . This Cruffin is wearing a pink triangle, loud and proud! The strawberry pâte de fruit triangle perched on top is a like a slice of fresh homemade jam, oozing summer. Holding up the pink triangle is a cloud of Swiss buttercream infused with strawberry. Not only that! She's pink to the core; inside she's all strawberries and cream. Featuring a dual core of vanilla bean pastry cream and saucy strawberry jelly, it's bound to make a mess. A delicious, lick-your-fingers kind of mess. A what-do-you-mean-share kind of mess. A riotous kind of mess. A celebratory kind of mess. #pastryPRIDE #pride #pride50 #queerliberation #queerart #transisbeautiful #lgbtq #queervisibility #loudandproud #strawberry #strawberriesandcream #croissant #dtklove #eastendeats #dtkeats #bakery #pastryPRIDE
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