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Reposted from @bakernotabanker - 🏳️‍🌈 the Brazen 🏳️‍🌈 . . Pride week 2 🏳️‍🌈 Category is: VISIBILITY . Week 2's Cruffin theme explores visibility as both violence and liberation. . . For the month of pride, you will see the town painted 🌈 Rainbow. Pride is an opportunity to celebrate our diversity and uniqueness, but visibility is a two sided coin. For many queer, trans, two-spirit and gender-nonconforming people (especially people of colour) being visible means being vulnerable. It means being vulnerable to discrimination, it means limited opportunities, refused support, limited access to medical care, housing, employment, and emergency services. It means disproportionately being homeless, at-risk, imprisoned, unemployed and at its most extreme, visibility can mean violence. . . This is dedicated the countless brave queers, two-spirit, and trans folk we have lost to suicide, murder, and violence. And in these times when our bodies and lives are increasingly on the line, we honour the Brazen who have blazed a path for us, and those who continue to fight. . . Inside this Cruffin is a dark chocolate pastry cream, whose deep and bitter notes are balanced by a floral white chocolate, lilac, and lavender cream. The fragrant aroma of fresh blossoms melts into the buttery smooth pastry cream, tangling with deep bitter notes contributed by the dark chocolate. On top, a stunning chocolate namelaka features cassis in a gorgeous shade of purple. Fruity and rich, the deep namelaka is dotted with sugar-frosted lilac flowers glistening in the morning sun. A tribute to the Brazen who lead the way- bold, brave, and beautiful. . . #transisbeautiful #pastryPRIDE #pride50 #pride #transphobia #homophobia #queerliberation #queervisibility #queerartist #transartist #bakery #croissant #cruffin #pastry #dtklove #dtkeats #eastendeats #kwawesome #lgbtq #2slgbtq #queer
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