Published: 12 months ago

Reposted from @bakernotabanker - The Tea . . The Tea is often thrown around, sometimes hot and sometimes ice cold, but it's always true Henny. The Tea just means the truth, although often it's a hard truth. So here's this week's Tea served up hot from me to you: . Straight Pride ain't a Thing. . Here's why: . Straight belonging is the baseline in our culture . Straight people aren't fired, beat or murdered for being straight . Everyone is allowed to be proud of who they are, no shade BUT- (and it's a BIG but): . Pride parades, events, months (black history, etc) are for MARGINALIZED people who struggle to see themselves represented in the world around them, and face violence and discrimination for living authentically. . . This pride month there has been a surge in Straight Pride events across North America. These events are thinly veiled attempts to invalidate queer identity and representation. Or in the case of the Orlando "Make America Straight Again" convention, an actual celebration of the murder,  oppression, and silencing of trans and queer folks. If you are straight, that's great, but step back and let queer people take up space this week, this month, and every day. . . Alright folks, here's the Tea. She's sassy, ice cold and served with a zing. The lush black tea-infused curd inside features lemon, mandarin, passionfruit, and peach. Just a little fruity to serve it up fresh. She's taken a quick dip in the actual tea though- a black tea and citrus glaze drips off her in sheets, leaving a glossy sheen and a perfectly poised spear of confit lemon peel top off the whole affair. Be prepared, she's coming for you. . . . #crufflove #pastrypride #pride #lgbtq #2slgbtq #queerliberation #queerartist #queer #bakery #croissant #cruffin #cruffins #🏳️‍🌈 #dtkeats #dtklove #eastendeats #kwawesome #breakfastofchampions #pastry #pastryart #patissier #patisserie - #regrann
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