Published: 12 months ago

Reposted from @bakernotabanker - The Shade . . In the tradition of "Paris is Burning", for pastryPRIDE week 3 the Library is OPEN darlings! . . Throwing shade is the art of the sidelong insult, let's have a quick demonstration... . Thanks for all those PURTY rainbows! I feel so SEEN. Thanks for marketing explicitly to us queer and trans folk 1 whole month out of the year! Thanks for including us in the development of your pride projects! Thanks for not giving the job to white/straight/cis Tim from marketing. Thanks for having hard conversations about the misogynistic/transphobic/homophobic culture in your workplace that keep us out! Thanks for donating ALL of the proceeds from your corporate pride projects back to the queers! ... I'll take my cheque now. . Okay, okay. Honestly though. Rainbow-washing is a thing, and corporations make millions off of queer people while excluding us the rest of the year. Being an ally isn't just slapping rainbows on in June. Werking your cisgender and straight privilege to lift us up also means listening to what the queer people in your life need from you. It means putting yourself in uncomfortable conversations and social situations so that we don't need to be exposed to further trauma, ignorance, and violence. It means putting your dollars on the line and hiring, paying, supporting and promoting queers in your community. . . The Shade . Ok, so we might be throwing a bit of shade your way, but I think you can ova up and handle it. Sure she looks sweet, but let's be real, the sweet wouldn't taste half so good without some bitterness to kick it off, and she salty to boot! A dark chocolate and toasted pecan pastry cream sets it off- creamy, sweet, with just an edge of bitterness. On top, a chocolate caramel pecan mousseline adds to the whole affair, lifting up the piece de resistance; a salted caramel, cacao & pecan lace tuile. . . #crufflove #pastryPRIDE #cruffin #cruffins #croissants #bakery #dtklove #kwawesome #queerartist #transartist #pride #pride50 #queerliberation #rainbows #eastendeats #read #libraryisopen #parisisburning - #regrann
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