Published: 11 months ago

from @bakernotabanker - #pastryPRIDE week 4 CATEGORY IS: INTERSECTIONS . Harvey Milk was an icon to the queer community, and for me he represents a example of how to leverage ones privilege to lift other people up. . As a white gay man who lived a life of advocacy and passion, he saw a glimpse of what injustice looked like and endeavoured to transform not just his life, but those who experienced systemic violence; single mothers, trans folks, people in poverty and those exposed to police violence. Obviously his struggle came to an abrupt end, but we can look back over the past four decades and see that while some political gains have been made for queer and trans folks, others have slipped through our fingers or have been ripped from our clutches. . When you come to an intersection or impasse, it is a decision that must be made. Do you veer right and protect the privileges you have been born with, or do you veer left and endeavor to live a life that recognizes that we all deserve more, we all deserve better. . Representation, advocacy, social reform, revolution; all of these require us to use our privilege as payment. Harvey understood this, and the power of hope. . No pride without justice for all. . πŸ₯›πŸŒˆThe MILK🌈πŸ₯› . This Cruffin is an homage to Harvey Milk. Sweet, unassuming but bold. This flaky delight is filled with a Milk chocolate pastry cream that is bound to delight. The fluffy buttercream wreath on top is studded with vanilla beans and rich with the flavour of white chocolate. To offset the sweetness, a cut of bitterness comes in the form of a dark chocolate drizzle, adorned with a few bobbles of chocolate-enrobed shortbread. . #cruffin #crufflove #croissant #pastry #chocolatelovers #pastryart #baker #patissier #viennoiserie #dtkeats #eastendeats #kwawesome
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