Published: 10 months ago

We're serving some classic Asian flavours with a French & Canadian twist today @goldenhearthbakery Selling like hotcakes already, get 'em while they last! . . 🖤🍵 The Open Sesame 🍵🖤 . . From the outside The Open Sesame showcases a fresh matcha marshmallow balanced precariously on peaks of white chocolate namelaka, some infused with matcha tea and others with black sesame paste. Inside, the grey and black- flecked pastry cream shows off the nutty and toasty flavours of sesame in the smooth and sweet custard. All of this in a flaky casing of buttery croissant pastry. No need to pack your bags or buy a ticket, this beauty will transport you right to where you want to be. . . 🥭🍑 The M-Peach 🍑🥭 . . A decadent twist on the amazing fresh fruit flavours of Ontario Peaches paired with perfectly ripe Mango is set off with a zip of tartness from Passionfruit. The fruity filling is bound to ooze out as you take your first bite of this sweet cruff. The M-Peach proceeds to balance out with some sweet floral notes and citrus as she showcases a perfect lime slice, candied in citrus syrup and tossed in sour sugar perched on top a cascading coat of jasmine green tea glaze. We are officially entering this cruffin as evidence that some things *are* worth the wait. #croissant #croissants #cruffin #cruffins #crufflove #dtkeats #eastendeats #bakery #patisserie #boulanger #patissier #pastryart #breakfastofchampions #kitchenermarket #passionfruit #mango #peaches #ontariopeaches #jasmine #matcha #sesame #whitechocolate #namelaka - #regrann
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