Posted 13 days ago
Happy New Year and Welcome Back one and all! Time to stock up on treats and sweets to tide you through the stormy weekend. Come find us @goldenhearthbakery And we'll set you up right. 🥐 Here's what @bakernotabanker Dreamed up for cruffins today: 🥐 . 🥃🍇The Rum Runner🍇🥃 . We're taking the humble cinnamon bun as inspiration here. Capturing the cozy, snuggle-up, stay-in-your-pajamas-all-day vibes of a classic treat & we're upping the ante. The cinnamon-infused Vanilla Bean Pastry Cream that sleeps inside is paired with a Rum Raisin compote with pops of Citrus, Vanilla Bean, the rich flavours of dried fruit and fresh berries and a low hum of spice. On top of this beautiful mess is a rich and buttery Cream Cheese Buttercream - not too sweet, just right. A dusting of cinnamon sugar is the perfect finish. . 🌹🍒The Berry Blossom🍒🌹 . Breaking through the grim grey morning we have a dreamy blend of summer fruits and flowers paired with chocolate. The berry blossom is serving you a gorgeous curd bright with acidity and rich with Morello Cherries and Cassis - balanced out by a luxurious dip in a dark chocolate glaze. The dark chocolate is ripe with fruity and floral notes that serve as a bittersweet backbone to this fruity delight. A pink ribbon of rose and hibiscus glaze accent the dark façade, topped off with a crisp meringue rosette. #croissant #croissants #cruffins #cruffin #pastrygram #instadessert #breakfastofchampions #dtkeats #kwawesome #crufflove #cassis #cherry #curd #rose #hibiscus #chocolatelovers #pastrycream #cinnamonsugar #vanillabean #rumraisin #creamcheesefrosting #sogood #nomnomnom #kitchenerbakery
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