Published: 8 months ago

🌨️Weather Warning🌨️ 🥐 100% chance of PASTRIES in your forecast if you come see us @goldenhearthbakery before we sell out! 🥐 Let's see what @bakernotabanker Has for you today... 🥭🍑The Mangrove🍑🥭 Wade into the mangrove with us this morning. The tropical breeze is whipping through and it's time to settle in for a snack. This cruffin is filled with gooey mango jelly with just a hint of lime. Curiously, tucked inside is a second jelly juicy with fresh white peach, it floods out of the flaky croissant pastry. This fruity filling is buzzing with brightness, floral notes, natural sweetness, and juicy tartness. On top is a spear of candied green mango, made freshly for you and dusted in a sour sugar. It rests between peaks of white chocolate namelaka infused with passionfruit, shining like the midday sun. 🎭☕The Marriage of Figaro☕🎭 A riff on the classic opera cake, we are bringing all the flavours you'd expect with some added pops of texture and just a hint of surprise. Inside, the Marriage of Figaro gives a stunning performance; a dual core of fresh coconut milk pastry cream blends with a toasted almond and vanilla bean pastry cream. On top the drama brews; a delicate bed of coffee infused diplomat cream is streaked with a shock of dark chocolate ganache. The piece de resistance is a shard of almond croquant; a hint of sweet rich with butter and a crunch of toasted almond. #croissant #croissants #cruffins #cruffin #pastrygram #instadessert #breakfastofchampions #dtkeats #kwawesome #crufflove #sogood #nomnomnom #mango #peach #greenmango #passionfruit #coffeelover #ganache #coconut #almond #croquant #kitchenerbakery #kwbakery
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