Published: 2 months ago

🥐 We are READY for you this morning! @bakernotabanker Is making your dreams into pastry realities today. 🥐 . . 🍒🎸Tom Morello🎸🍒 . . Wake up. It's time. With a Toasted Pistachio Pastry Cream paired alongside a rustic Morello Cherry & Whisky jam inside, this Cruffin ready to knock your socks off. The flaky and tender croissant pastry twists around the gooey fillings, tangling the delicate flavours of toasted Pistachio and Vanilla Bean with intense Morello Cherry, wildflower honey and a generous splash of Canadian Whisky. A silky mousseline emboldened with chocolate props up a cherry mallow- and although the rosey-hued marshmallow might seem sweet and tender, but it rages with a kick of sour cherry. A dusting of cocoa is touch of bitterness needed to finish it off right. . . 🍊💭The Tangerine Dream💭🍊 . . Oh you'll be dreaming of her tonight, I'm warning you now. A gorgeous curd of Tangerine with hints of passionfruit and grapefruit shines like a golden treasure. Tart, buttery, and silky smooth, the curd meets it's match as this Cruffin dives into a cloud of Italian Meringue infused with cardamom. The peaks are kissed by fire as a burning twin sun of two perfect slices of candied Kumquat make their debut. Sour and sweet, fruity and bold- She's downright heavenly. . . #croissant #croissants #cruffins #cruffin #pastrygram #instadessert #breakfastofchampions #dtkeats #kwawesome #crufflove #cherry #chocolate #marshmallow #pistachio #tangerine #italianmeringue #kumquat #best #eatme - #regrann
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