Published: 8 months ago

🍌The Bluth Bananza🍌 And now the story of a cruffin who has everything, and the croissant pastry that had no choice but to hold it all together. Inspired by the Bluth Banana, this cruffin is serving banana, chocolate, nuts, and all kinds of caramel. The filling is a coconut pastry cream blended with caramelized banana jam, mellow and sweet. It's looking good in a $6000 suit of chocolate glaze- all jazzed up with the flavours of dark chocolate and browned butter. To top it all off is a pair of tiny peanut butter marshmallows and a cluster of toasted almonds. 🍈🍓The Stray Berry🍓🍈 This little stray is looking for its forever home. Featuring the flavours of Strawberry and Tay, with supporting roles from lime and cassis, it's definitely a fresh and fruity little number. The filling is a dual core of lime curd and Straw/Tay berry jelly- the curd holds in the bursting juiciness of the flowing jam. On top, a gorgeous purple pouffe of Cassis Swiss meringue buttercream holds a medallion of tayberry pâte de fruit. Do you have room for one more? . Design by: @bakernotabanker Execution and photo: @thistimedarling #pastry #patisserie #patissier #pastrygram #instapastry #dessertstagram #breakfastofchampions #viennoiserie #butter #tayberry #croissant #kweats #dtkeats #kitchenerbakery
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