Published: 4 months ago

If you missed is Thursday Evening at SFBC or if you just need a second round of these delightful flavours, we are celebrating the Launch of our Tayberry Cruffin Stout collab with Shortfinger Brewing this week, so both of our flavours are beer-inspired. 🌾🍺The Maltster🍺🌾 A dark chocolate croissant pastry is drenched in a malted milk chocolate glaze. Salty and sweet pebbles litter the pastryscape- rogue clusters of beer nuts add rustic charm and delight. A few flakes of Maldon salt add a gentle glint in the sunshine and Morita pepper dust offers a warmth and hint of smoke and spice. But what awaits inside? Pastry cream infused with carawheat and malted spelt is malty and sweet like caramel pudding, with notes of cereal and toasted grain and a lingering hint of browned butter. A sweet creamy delight to the final bite. 🥐🍺💜The Stout Cruffin💜🍺🥐 So when we started this journey to collaborate with Short Finger Brewing Company, we had a wild idea and Rob ran with it. We designed a cruffin with the potential to become a great beer, perhaps. Then they designed and brewed a beer to replicate the cruffins we made… Now these are the cruffins, evolved. She is bold, dark, stout and beautiful. This cruffin is a dream. This cruffin is a dream that a beer once had, where it dreamed it was a cruffin dreaming of being a beer. A glorious buttery and tart curd is flavoured with bright and floral tayberry puree as well as a healthy slosh of the cruffin stout, and a few splashes of Tangerine and Lemon. It fills the flaky and tender shell of croissant pastry. On top, a pillowy head of Wild Blackberry Swiss Meringue Buttercream rises upwards, with a dramatic flourish. Dotted with lemony fresh mini marshmallows, it is seriously whimsical. **You can still pick up bottles of our collab Cruffin Stout from @shortfingerbrewing until they are sold out. It will be on Nitro Tap in their taproom until cruffin lovers drink it dry. Cheers! ***Photos and assembly by the wonderful @thistimedarling & these mad creations have been dreamed up by @bakernotabanker
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