Published: 4 months ago

Rise and Shine you Market-Goers and Pastry-Feasters ⏰ . Ready for you @goldenhearthbakery with a case full of pastry and racks on racks of sourdough loaves. . Cruffins today: . . . 👩‍🏫🍊The School Marm🍊👩‍🏫 . This lady is serving you some old school flavours in a fresh and dynamic new way. Fresh Tangelo - Cara Cara Marmalade (thanks for the killer citrus @legacygreens!) tucks into a bed of vanilla bean pastry cream inside this cruffin. The bright, fresh citrus blends with the rich and creamy pastry cream and is set off with a zing of fresh ginger. On top, a delicate nest of Swiss Meringue Buttercream flavoured with freshly juiced ginger is filled with sweet croutons made from a rich and buttery orange pound cake. . . 🔥🌶️The Holy Smoke🌶️🔥 . This one has it all. Sweet, spice, smoke, and healthy dose of Razzle Dazzle. Inside this firecracker is a pastry cream infused with the lovely fruity, smoky and spicy notes of Morita peppers and bolstered with sweet Alunga milk chocolate. On top, airy peaks of Italian Meringue have been kissed by the heat of a torch. A sun of mango pâte de fruits dusted in a Morita pepper sugar rises over the mountain range, a new day. . . Design and description: @bakernotabanker Photos and assembly: @thistimedarling #cruffins #crufflove #cruffin #croissant #bakery #pastry #instapastry #breakfastofchampions #supportteachers #caracara #tangelo #marmalade #vanillabean #alunga #spicychocolate #morita #chocolatelovers - #regrann
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