Published: 5 months ago

Good morning folks! We've got some love themed cruffins today. 🍯The Johnny Cashew🍯 Saturday Morning, Coming Down. Let's take a look at this cruffin, one piece at a time. All the smooth toasty sweetness of roasted cashews melt into a divine pastry cream filling, with the subtle accompaniment of vanilla bean. A flourish of wildflower honey buttercream is marked with a generous drizzle of chocolate and finished with a shard of sesame brittle reaching upwards. 🍍The June Carter Cash Jelly🍍 She's a shining Star. Sweet and Stunning, and she's got a few surprises waiting for you. A juicy squeeze of summer freshness is waiting inside - bright and floral pineapple jelly paired with a tangy pastry cream made with @ebymanorltd yogurt and mellowed with brown sugar. On top a white chocolate glaze sheets over the croissant pastry, marked by a pinch of brown sugar and a golden pineapple pâte de fruits. Design by @bakernotabanker Execution by @thistimedarling
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