Published: about 1 year ago

The store is LIVE for the week! . We open our online store to orders every week on Monday Evening. You can now place your order for any day we are open this week (Wednesday - Saturday). . Delivery orders are in limited supply, but we also offer a no-contact pickup! Remember to first add either pick-up or delivery to your cart (as a "product") so we know when to have your items ready for you :) . We have also introduced pickup time slots for Friday and Saturday to help tame the chaos first thing in the morning. . There have been many changes around the bakery lately, including a lot of new safety measures that allow us to continue to bake bread and delicious treats for you. We are a small shop operating with less hands than usual which means we have limited capacity for increased offerings. We're always stretching our imaginations to see how we can serve our community. Thanks for being so ready to adapt to our transformations!


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